WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

ImagePhoto from WWE.com

I remember around Wrestlemania last year I was a big supporter of one last run for the New Age Outlaws with the titles. Presently, the Outlaws are still a draw but over exposure without the tag titles will make them less special each they are out. I am surprised that this match is being featured on the pre-show but like everything the WWE does this is certainly by design. There has been a tease of the Outlaw’s association with the Authority so if they play the role of antagonist team it could lead to an interesting story with some a babyface tag team. I believe in order to get the full usefulness out of the Outlaws they should win the straps. I think this would catch fans off guard as the Rhodes Brothers have been a hot tag team garnering wins and title changes aren’t expected on pre-shows. It would be nice for one final run for this tag team before they are done for good. I don’t think the Rhodes Brothers chasing after the belts would be as exciting as their first hunt, but it would potentially allow for the two to have their one on one bout. Also the next team to take the titles could be the Usos and a win over the Outlaws would be a great addition to their resume.


ImagePhoto from WWE.com

It’s hard to comprehend why Daniel Bryan is stuck in a midcard match when he is one, if not, the most popular superstar on the WWE roster. Bryan is booked in this match to help Bray Wyatt and the WWE probably perceives Bryan as untouchable, meaning Bryan can continue to lose and it won’t affect his popularity. I think Daniel will win by DQ after Bray and the family lay him out. My hope is that Bryan is beat down so convincingly that there is doubt he would be in the Rumble match making for a surprise when Bryan’s music hits and he enters the Rumble. As for Bray, I hope that he shows the “WWE Universe” that he can go toe-to-toe with the best technical wrestler in the company. This could be Bray’s best match to date. If Bray puts forward a great in-ring performance that will certainly help elevate his status on the card.


ImagePhoto from WWE.com

It’s always exciting seeing Brock Lesnar return to action in the WWE. I guess of anyone on the roster to date, Big Show was a logical choice moving forward to Wrestlemania; if Lesnar is to challenge the Streak, he should decimate someone of Big Show’s size. I expect this match to be more hard hitting then their previous bouts and that will we see a more athletic Big Show than the Big Show of 2002-03. They may tease the Superplex from the top rope and destroying the ring or tease a spear through the barricade but I think the match will build to 2 or 3 “F-5s” on the Big Show and your winner in devastating fashion: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrock Lesnar (Heyman voice)


ImagePhoto from WWE.com

Not much to say about this match. A new challenger will freshen up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and make future bouts more interesting. My hope would be John Cena winning to leading Cena vs. Bryan in a rematch for the title. My smart money, however, is on Orton retaining and being the heel champion going into Wrestlemania so that one of our heroes (most likely one forced upon us) triumphs over evil on the biggest show of the year.



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