WWE Royal Rumble MATCH Prediction


I will go through the Royal Rumble participants (announced to date) and predict what or how they will do:

  1. Jey Uso: will probably do a double team elimination with his brother.
  2. Jimmy Uso: refer to above
  3. Damien Sandow: He may be in there much longer than expected. Sandow will fall victim to a powerhouse who comes into the Rumble like a house of fire and takes advantage of Sandow’s fatigued state.
  4. Luke Harper: Daniel Bryan may have something to do with how Harper gets eliminated
  5. Erick Rowan: Will probably join the Warlord, Bushwhacker Luke, Mo, Santino Marella Club
  6. Dean Ambrose: I think he will be the last of the Shield members to enter the Rumble and I predict he will eliminate Reigns
  7. Seth Rollins: I predict Seth Rollins will be the man who last the longest in the Rumble
  8. Roman Reigns: He will go on a tear and will have the record for most elimination in the 2014 Royal Rumble
  9. Fandango: I think he enters 2nd so we can see Summer Rae and his grand entrance
  10. Rey Mysterio: Get eliminated by Reigns
  11. Goldust: Eliminates Cody. Gets eliminated by Reigns.
  12. Cody Rhodes: Refer to above.
  13. Kofi Kingston: Get eliminated by Reigns
  14. Xavier Woods: I predict he will last the shortest in the 2014 Royal Rumble
  15. R-Truth: Gets eliminated by Reigns
  16. The Miz: Gets eliminated by Reigns
  17. Big E Langston: I think he will eliminate a couple guys and showcase his power. He may also fall victim to Reigns.
  18. Alberto Del Rio: I would love for him to eliminate Batista however I think it will be role reversal; eliminated by Batista
  19. CM Punk: As number 1, the Shield may enter one after other and work together to toss out Punk, 3-on-1.
  20. Batista: I don’t want this to happen but his first match back in 4 years, he will most likely win it.

Who is missing?
I think Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger will also enter. Cesaro may hit a giant swing and due to dizziness, someone will capitalize and toss out Cesaro. Curtis Axel and Ryback may also be entering. As far as Legends, I hope Jake Roberts enters as he wished. I also hope Wade Barrett is correct and Papa Shango enters. I know Chris Jericho is in Pittsburgh but I’d love the swerve of him not entering. Also look for RVD to use the Rumble to mark his return to the WWE.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will happen but I can only imagine what a sight and sound it would be to hear the fans “YES-ing!” and  shouting “Ohhh-ohhhh” as Bryan sprints to eliminate others. It would be equally as great if not greater to see how the crowd would chant loudly and put their hands in the air to YES! if Bryan were to win the Rumble. I feel this is a lost opportunity to capitalize on the immense popularity of Bryan which I think would instantaneously lead to buys and subscriptions for Wrestlemania and the Network.

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