WWE Weekly Television Program of the Year



WWE NXT has been an exciting addition to the WWE television schedule. It serves it’s purpose as WWE NXT showcases the talents of many future stars. WWE NXT is a short program, lasting about an hour and features 3-4 matches. The main event is usually well advertised with a mix of women’s matches, tag matches and squash matches which are all used to showcase different stars. Thus far, NXT has been able to produce Superstars like the Shield, the Wyatts, and Big E Langston and has done a great job building intrigue into Superstars such as Sami Zayn, Bo Dallas, Tyler Breeze, Alexander Rusev, Aiden English, Adrian Neville, Paige, and Emma. It has also depicted stars like Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow in a dominant fashion, contrary to how they are showcased on either RAW or Smackdown. It’s refreshing to see the women compete in hard-hitting and longer matches (The NXT Women’s Division is something to be excited about).

Overall NXT is a  straight forward wrestling program that showcases predominantly wrestling and with limited extra-curricular activity.



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