WWE Superstar of the Year

Image(Photo from WWE.com)


The Superstar of the year had some of the best matches and was IMMENSELY over with the crowd. It’s unfortunate that he did not have any sort of a WWE Championship run. Bryan’s popularity appeared to be on the rise throughout the year. He was over as a tag team competitor and helped in the resurgence of the Tag Team division. At Wrestlemania, you could see (and hear) the YES! chants continue to dominate crowds. Personally, once Bryan teamed with the Undertaker I feel as though Bryan’s stock rose even higher. If you look at Bryan’s matches over the year, he had amazing matches with different superstars from Ryback to Antonio Cesaro. Both Bryan and the Shield had tremendous matches and made Six-Man Tag matches such a spectacle. Bryan had amazing TV bouts with Randy Orton including his match last week on RAW. Lastly, his Summerslam WWE Championship bout with John Cena was one of the best of the year. Bryan’s popularity is essentially deafening. I attended a RAW in Toronto and the YES! chant was so loud and nearly each ticket holder was chanting for Daniel Bryan. If you’re still not convinced, Daniel Bryan’s popularity caused a segment to be taken over that did not feature Bryan in any manner and even silenced a scripted promo. WWE is confident in Bryan’s wrestling ability but from a business standpoint they are hesitant as to whether he is a money maker and a difference maker in the overall WWE product that extends beyond the in-ring  action.

All that being said, this award is for the WWE Superstar of the Year as he appears on our television set and no one was greater in 2013 than Daniel Bryan.



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