WWE Promo of the Year

Image(Photo from WWE.com)

WINNER: Mark Henry’s retirement

The four nominees were some of greatest promo work by Superstars this year. Cena delivered one of his greatest promos of career prior to the title unification which I can say certainly talked me into ordering the TLC PPV. AJ Lee cut a great promo on the Total Divas reality TV Show and it’s cast. Cena and Bryan also did a great job promoting their Summerslam bout, where Bryan was able to showcase he could hold his own against Cena on the mic.

Now it’s time to nit pick.

Bryan called out Cena for his wrestling ability and being crowned “the man” which in 2013 is no longer a unique promo. AJ did deliver a fantastic promo, however if I am nit picking, she is a heel character and got the crowd to cheer her and boo the babyface cast of Total Divas. Finally, an excellent promo should ignite human emotion and the promo should lead into major intrigue into a match. Mark Henry did exactly that. Mark Henry convinced many in the crowd and on television that he was indeed retiring. Henry prompted the crowd to chant “Thank You Henry” and “One More Match”. The crowd does not recite lines and so this was authentic emotion. Henry managed to shed tears and delivered his promo so convincingly that you felt this was the end. I applaud Mark Henry for delivering one of the greatest promos. It was so unique in that it felt very similar to a Hall of Fame speech which are uniquely different from wrestling promos and are rarely ever showcased televised wrestling programs. Lastly, Mark Henry seemingly did the impossible, he convinced many to want to see a Cena vs Henry match.

RUNNER-UP: John Cena’s TLC Title Unification go-home show promo


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