WWE Pay-Per-View of the Year


(Photo from WWE.com)


The criticism now a days is that there are two WWE Pay-Per-Views (PPV) that essentially sell themselves: Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. This year the third major PPV was by far the best PPV of the Year. The two Main Events were two of the best matches of the year. Lesnar and Punk definitely stole the show and Cena and Bryan was not far behind with another amazing bout and an awesome moment of Bryan winning the title. Additionally, the swerve at the end simply added to the drama surrounding Summerslam’s main event story. The under-card did a great job as well. Sandow vs Cody Rhodes was a great bout and I personally feel Cody has rode this momentum into where he is now as an upper mid-card guy. Christian and Del Rio also had a terrific World Heavyweight Title bout. Some other great moments were The Ring of Fire match  visual , Natalya picking up a victory and I am personally a fan of mixed tag matches (especially if they will involve AJ Lee). Regardless of buyrate, Summerslam was the best WWE PPV of the Year!



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