WWE NXT Superstar of the Year

Image(Photo from WWE.com)


The winner of this category may come as a shock to some but I’ll explain the reasoning behind this choice. Although Bo Dallas is the NXT Champion and Paige the Women’s Champion and Sami Zayn may be the best in-ring competitor in NXT, the entire purpose behind NXT is being called up the main roster. Of all the men and women on the NXT roster Rusev is that guy! When I see Alexander Rusev I see a monstrous competitor with a unique look that has star appeal. If I passed by Rusev in an airport I would stop and take a second glance because he has a unique look. I am one his supporters who likes his old-school look. He looks like a fighter at the Coliseum. I am also impressed with his fighting background which is a combination of Muay Thai and Sumo, two very unique and distinct styles to bring to the squared circle. Also, Rusev has a tremendous agility for a man his size. With all these positive attributes it will be a matter of time before we see Alexander Rusev’s on RAW, Smackdown and WWE Pay-Per-View!



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