WWE Mark Out Moment of the Year


WINNER: Dolph Ziggler cashing-in Money in the Bank contract and winning the World Heavyweight Championship

You would think this moment happened a long time ago given how Ziggler is featured on WWE programming presently. I remember yelling at my television for Ziggler to come out and cash-in. When he did, I could not sit down and was jumping up and down throughout the entire match. There was a near fall and I almost couldn’t breathe thinking Ziggler would fail in his cash-in. Finally Ziggler hitting the Zigzag was an awesome sight and seeing and hearing the crowd erupt was an awesome moment. I was genuinely excited and happy for Ziggler during this moment and it appeared Big E and AJ were struck with emotion for Ziggler. The fact that Ziggler had a valet and bodyguard only added to this moment. Few moments on RAW had me stand up but this is one of the only moments that had me jumping up and down with excitement.

RUNNER-UP: The Wyatt Family and Shield confrontation and brawl


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