WWE Survivor Series Predictions

Let me first begin by saying it has been a disappointing build to this year’s Survivor Series. The two main title matches lack any sort of emotional investment. The traditional Survivor Series match that are on the card come across as “for the sake of tradition.” As on old school fan, the history of Survivor Series has prompted me to want to order it but the weak card does not inspire me to spend money on this pay-per-view.

ImageThe Miz was a failed experiment as a babyface and so he turned heel without any real motivation.This hurts any interest in this match. I remember the match where Kofi nearly kicked Miz’s head off his shoulders and so it is only fitting that history repeat itself on the kickoff show.


ImageIt’s good to see the Intercontinental title switch hands after Curtis Axel’s uninspired title run. I think Big E Langston is a good choice to hold this title; he is a young stud and this title is essentially the main roster’s NXT Title duplicate. Since Big E just won the title Monday, this rematch is simply due to the stipulation of a champion enforcing their rematch clause. I look for a solid title defense.


ImageDespite all the beautiful women involved this match has the potential to be bowling shoe ugly as far as in-ring action is concerned. I would have been more interested in a Main Roster Divas Team vs. an NXT Divas Team. This match, however, is another way of pushing the reality show “Total Divas” and so I can’t see why the Total Divas cast would put over the other Divas. Sadly, the women on AJ’s team, minus AJ and Summer Rae, all come across as female jobbers with no star appeal and so the outcome is rather predictable. If I booked this, I would have the competent women of the Total Divas cast survive: Natalya, Naomi and Brie Bella.




ImageWhen RAW ended two weeks ago, I thought we were going to be getting a 6-on-6 Traditional Survivor Series match. It was the match that many fans wanted to see and would have paid to see. Instead we got a 12-Man tag the next week on RAW. No complaints as they gave us the match, but I don’t know why they did at the expense of their pay-per-view show. So they booked this match with 10 talented competitors so again I am not complaining about the talent involved, it’s just there is nothing really at stake. Additionally, they announced a mystery partner. This partner should have been unveiled at the show, but instead Rey Mysterio came out on RAW. It was great to see Mysterio come out after a lengthy absence but again what need is there to order the show since anything exciting has already been given to us. Well aside from that gripe, this will be match of the night. I hope the Shield aren’t eliminated based on cracks in the group because I’d hate to see them break up. I would be okay with Cesaro breaking away from his team. Overall, I think the babyface team will come out the surviving team. I could see Goldust getting eliminated while Cody survives, planting an early seed of jealousy for a potential split come Wrestlemania season. I predict the returning Mysterio and Cody as the final survivors.


ImageAs I said earlier I would have preferred to see these four men involved in a Traditional Elimination Tag Match. This match comes across as a Smackdown main event. The Wyatt Family is climbing the ladder  but they definitely appear out of place with the mega stars: Punk and Bryan. Additionally, the focal point of the Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt isn’t even involved in the match. I could see Bray getting involved and getting his team DQed while destroying Punk and Bryan. It would also be great if they debuted a new Wyatt Family member, but I’m not sure who that would be. This match will be interesting as I can’t see Punk or Bryan being defeated clean and if the Wyatts are defeated clean that will stunt any momentum moving forward.


ImageWhen Big Show returned, the return match that appeared to being built and that was of some interest was Triple H vs. Big Show. Suddenly, Show demands a championship match because he wants to be the face of the company. Again, the rushing stories has hurt the emotional investment in this feud. I think Orton would have been better slotted in a elimination match with his Authority faction. Final problem is that we have seen this match earlier this year and I had no interest then and I have no interest now.



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