WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions

ImageI am a fan of the new attitude of Big E Langston. I like how he was introduced into this feud with Axel with his association with CM Punk and as Punk deals with Ryback, Langston seeks to deal with Axel. Additionally, if you watch this week’s edition of Smackdown, you see that Big E replaces the Miz in an entertaining main event involving top level guys like Bryan, Orton, the Shield and the Rhodes brothers. Langston is not a main event star at present, but he certainly is being showcased with the top guys and that is only good for his young career. He may very well transition from star by association to star by dominance and devastation. I look for Langston to pick up some gold on the kickoff show from a cold champion in Curtis Axel.


ImageIt was a matter of time before these two teams hooked up and in an old school spirit, I’m glad their first encounter comes on pay-per-view.  Now, of course Los Matadores are not selling this pay-per-view and their gimmick may still appear foolish but i’ll say I am looking forward to this feud. I am a fan of gimmicks (the awful the better) and Los Matadores has yet to fully qualify as “Wrestle crap”. This match is a battle of contrary styles. Look for Los Matadores to continue their winning streak by “sneaking” a victory over the Real Americans. Naturally, upon losing the Real Americans will seek to stick it to the Los Matadores by beating up and (giant)swinging El Torito to hopefully garner some heat and an eventual rematch. This feud will most likely culminate in a 6-Man Tag involving Zeb and El Torito; it won’t be a classic but just a fun match on the wrestling card.


ImageAJ Lee is the best female performer on the main roster. There is no WWE Diva who is in her league. I hate the criticism she has faced from the likes of former performers in regards to her ability and the commentators in regards to her tattoo. She takes what she does seriously, unlike most of the cast of Total Divas. Should Brie be rewarded for the success of a reality show by holding the title, I don’t think so. I’ll certainly admit that Brie has begun to take wrestling a bit more seriously and is looking to get better in the ring. This may be due to an inevitable feud with Cena and Nikki versus Brie and Bryan. The boyfriends of the twins have probably been pushing them to get better so that fans can be sold on an eventual main event mixed tag match involving the titles. I hate to see AJ lose this title but it may be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps WHEN she wins it back, she’ll have the new crop of NXT Divas to feud with.


ImageThis will most likely be the most exciting match on the card. Goldust and Cody are an exciting addition to the tag team scene. The Usos have been on fire as of late and are getting over more and more each night they are featured. The Shield are just great and appear to raise the skill level of their opponents. I look for this match to be full of flying Usos, crazy bumping Rollins, a spearing Reigns and victorious Rhodes brothers. Look for Cody to hit an equally devastating Cross Rhodes to that  he hit at Battleground.


ImageEveryone is looking forward to this match because it will hopefully and most likely be the final chapter in the Punk vs. Heyman feud. The best part of this feud was the match between Lesnar and Punk which already took place so anything afterwards will and has paled in comparison. Also promos are not the culmination of feuds they are the steps to the culmination. Heyman has been excellent on the mic but there has to be a match at the end of the road. I don’t look forward to this match at all due to Ryback’s involvement.

If I was booking this match in an effort to make it exciting I would book the end of the match in this fashion: The Cell doors would be open as Heyman manages to get a hold of the keys in an effort to escape. Ryback seeks to dominate Punk as Heyman flees the scene. Punk hits Ryback with the GTS and chases after Heyman who looks to circle the Cell. Punk nearly catches Heyman, who climbs the Cell wall to the roof. Punk climbs in an effort to get Heyman and Ryback seeks to pull down Punk and Punk kicks at Ryback. Ryback climbs further up the Cell in an effort to toss Punk down. Punk nails Ryback upside the back of his head sending Ryback crashing down through the announce table, similar to the fall HBK took versus the Undertaker. Heyman is on the roof in fear and tries to run down the other end. Punk grabs Heyman who is crying and praying Punk doesn’t destroy him. Punk hits the GTS on Heyman and pins Heyman on the roof of the Cell. Also it would be a crazy scene seeing medics and referees trying to recover the lifeless body of Heyman on the roof. I think they could do this and still adhere to their PG policy.


ImageNext up the return of John Cena. I am rather indifferent to the return of Cena. I would have preferred he take some more time off to let his absence sink in and build greater anticipation for his return. What is also hurting Cena’s return is he is returning to face an opponent he has already defeated and Cena and Del Rio have no reason to be squaring off at present moment. Most are predicting Cena to be the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, I think Cena will win, but not the title! I look for Del Rio to get himself disqualified intentionally, either by use of a weapon, low blow or locking in the armbar on Cena’s injured arm and not releasing the hold. The bout doesn’t end there. Cena being frustrated with this cheap route to hold the title, Cena begins to pummel and destroy Del Rio and leaves him laying (if there remains an announce table, Cena can AA Del Rio through it). Cue Sandow’s music and Cena motions “go for it” and Sandow pins Del Rio to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.


ImageOn a side note, if Bob Backlund was the special guest referee for this match I would not be as hesistant to purchase this pay-per-view. This is the third match between both men and the first two have left a bad taste in the mouth of fans. I, personally am looking for something new and fresh at this point. There is talk of HBK turning heel. I don’t see the need for a very part-time talent to turn heel when he is barely on the product and isn’t wrestling. I don’t see HBK coming back any time soon so a change in heart doesn’t appear necessary. I think Bryan has to win and have some sort of a run with the title to end 2013. Orton can always blame HBK for being bias in his refereeing as heels don’t need facts behind their case. Triple H will also be frustrated with his friend and enforce that business comes before friendship and informs the WWE Universe that this was the last we see of HBK on his television show. Not sure how Big Show will be involved but I see him with some sort of role.



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