WWE Battleground Predictions

ImageI am fan of both men and they deserve far better than a meaningless, uninspired, pre-show match. The interesting thing is one of these men has to win this match, which they haven’t been positioned to do for some time.


ImageIt’s great to see R-Truth be given a pay-per-view match. It is still a bit impromptu as it isn’t based off a desire for the Intercontinental championship; a title that is no longer coveted as it once was. Curtis Axel isn’t connecting with fans in his role and I think it’s time he loses the title. R-Truth is worthy of holding the IC Title, unfortunately this title is no longer booked in a meaningful way.


ImageI’d hate to see Brie Bella win this title just for a single episode of Total Divas in which both she and Daniel Bryan win their titles on the same night. That isn’t good for business. I could see Stephanie McMahon finally siding with AJ and seeking to ensure Brie doesn’t win the title due to her relationship with Bryan. AJ just shouldn’t lose this title as she is the figure head of the division and to date no one is in her class.


20131003_LIGHT_battleground_Kofi_Wyatt_HOMEPAGEThis is another impromptu match after Bray Wyatt appeared twice after Kofi’s matches. Bray appears to be targeting the major heroes in the WWE. It’s nice to see Kofi be considered one of the top heroes but I think Bray is on a quest to eliminate “our heroes”. I think this could be a great match with two unique styles.


ImageIt’s time to say goodbye to the World Heavyweight Title. The chance to give it to RVD has passed. Maybe we’ll see a cash-in, maybe.


ImageI like CM Punk, I like Paul Heyman. I don’t like Ryback. Punk and Heyman deserve better.


ImageWho would have thought that Dusty Rhodes, Goldust and Cody Rhodes were the selling points on a pay-per-view. In such an organic way, Cody and his family have become mega fan favorites. Not only do I think they will win, but as a fan I want them to get their retribution. This may not be the final match, but it certainly has the most interest and is a co-main event in my books.


ImageThere was a rumour that this was going to be an Iron Man match. That would have been awesome and probably would have been the best match between Orton and Bryan to date. I would have booked that match to end in a tie and have Triple H come out and say there is no sudden death and we go off the air with the title still vacated and so it has to be settled in the Cell. The downfall, is that fans are not in favor of purchasing pay-per-views for screwy finishes that lead into another pay-per-view. I think doing another screwy finish will turn fans off and Bryan has to win this title before the year’s end and I don’t see Orton holding onto the title for 2 weeks to just drop it again.



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