WWE Night of Champions Predictions: WWE Championship Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan


Right now in the WWE, the Championship is involved in the classic story of disadvantaged babyface chasing after the heel champion associated with a faction to back his every move. To date Daniel Bryan has continuously been gang-assaulted by Triple H’s “Best for Business” Administration. Prior to this, Daniel Bryan was screwed out of his WWE Championship so the taste of being the champion remains in his mouth and he is hungrier and hungrier each week to recapture the title that was his for mere moments. Randy Orton is in the role he was born to be, a despicable human being, with no remorse for anyone or anything. He is this generation’s Corporate Champion. This feud is still the early stages of the Orton-Bryan saga and so we most likely won’t see a new champion and we’ll probably have a screwy finish. My opinion aside, the match and storytelling will be fantastic. I can’t predict the finish but I can say that Bryan will not be pinned cleanly. Will it be Triple H, the Shield or possibly the Big Show who cost Bryan the title? I foresee a DQ finish to which Bryan wins but due to that infamous rule, Orton remains champion….for now!



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