WWE Night of Champions Predictions: World Heavyweight Championship Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio

ImageThis was the match I was clamoring for Summerslam, however the build to this match has been very underwhelming. Alberto Del Rio has had a less than spectacular reign, which is a mix of booking and Del Rio’s appeal to fans. Since the two brands are no longer split rosters, the need for a secondary World Title is rapidly becoming futile. I think the best move would be to put the World Title on RVD. Rob Van Dam’s return was highly anticipated but the WWE has done nothing of significance with him since Money in the Bank. A World Title change is still something exciting to witness and I think RVD is the right guy to add some excitement to the title.

For a purist like myself who looks at stats it would make RVD one of the few superstars to have held the WWE, World Heavyweight and ECW Championships in the WWE. Additionally, if we look back to the year 2002 and early 2003, there were rumours that Triple H was to drop the World Title to the likes of Kane, Booker T and RVD himself. Of course this wasn’t the case as creative changed their decision. To date, Kane and Booker T have become World Champions and now in a roundabout way I think this would give further meaning to an RVD win.



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