WWE Night of Champions Predictions: Handicap 2-on-1, NO DQ Match Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk

ImageThe feud between CM Punk and Paul Heyman goes back to the onset of the WWE Payback PPV back in June. Its been a great ride that treated fans to the classic between Punk and Lesnar. Part of me doesn’t want to see the feud end, however I do want to see Punk face a fresh opponent. Curtis Axel has yet to make a meaningful impact and the hope is that his involvement can elevate him in the eyes of the fans. Unfortunately for Axel, I think by the end of this match the spotlight will be on everyone but Axel. I think CM Punk will eliminate Axel to finally get his hands on Paul Heyman. The crowd will erupt with Axel’s elimination. Punk will begin to destroy Heyman however Heyman always has one more trick up his sleeve. Will Heyman debut a new “Paul Heyman guy”? I don’t think there is anyone on the roster or in developmental that builds intrigue for a future feud. I think Heyman may associate himself with Triple H and his administration and have the Shield interfere on his behalf and lay out Punk for a Punk win by DQ. This will allow Punk to maintain his hatred for Heyman while introducing Punk to battle against this new Administration. Punk and Bryan can now work together to overcome Orton, Triple H, Heyman and the Shield; a rather formidable foe!

*Please note that at the time of my writing, this match was not a No DQ. I think this change in match type WILL alter the outcome of this match. I’ll be switching my pick as I think someone from the “Best for Business” Administration will help Heyman pick up the victory!



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