WWE Night of Champions Predictions: Diva’s Championship AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi vs. Natalya

ImageAJ Lee is slowly establishing herself as one one the GREATEST female WWE competitors in the company’s history. I see aspects of Sensational Sherri, Luna Vachon, and Lita in everything that AJ does. She is obviously beautiful, athletic and is a dynamic character. She is getting better after every match and it’s great to see she has some fresh opponents. AJ sparked my interest in this feud as she called out the entire cast of the show Total Divas. AJ made comments that many fans feel towards some of the Divas on the roster who are more concerned with anything but pro wrestling.

That being said, I have yet to miss an episode of Total Divas and find myself tuning in right at 10:00PM or making every effort to catch any episode I may have missed on a Sunday night, therefore the show must be doing something right. I really enjoy seeing the backstage life of the Divas. Overall, the three women in this match are the ones that come across as most passionate about competing in the ring compared to their counterparts.

There is talks of putting the title on one these Divas to help with an episode of Total Divas, potentially as a climax of one of the Diva’s climb to the top. This in my opinion would be a poor decision as there is no intrigue in seeing 3 women gang up on one woman and having one of those three win the title. Additionally, the Total Divas show often has too many “happy endings” for my liking and so seeing Brie, Naomi, or Natalya come up short would be more realistic.

AJ will back up her words and pick up the victory proving she is the TOTAL DIVA!



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