WWE Night of Champions Predictions: Tag Team Turmoil

ImageThe following will be a Tag Team Gauntlet in which two teams will compete and upon a victory a new team will enter the fray. I will look at each team respectively and evaluate their chances of winning this gauntlet and possibly the tag team championships.

3MB: 3MB has three talented individuals who consistently get air time on RAW or Smackdown; that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the last time they won a match; that’s a bad thing. Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal play confident heels who continuously lose very well; their losing streak never appears to phase them. Sadly, I don’t see them winning this match as every team has essentially beaten them, but stranger things have happened. Should they win, they come across as a zero threat to Rollins and Reigns.

Tons of Funk: This a fun team as the fans but once the fun and games are over do fans truly see this team as perennial contender for the Tag Titles? Tons of Funk’s momentum as a threat has been stopped by the Wyatt Family. The Wyatt Family has continuously destroyed this team in a matter of minutes. That being said, Tons of Funk are the biggest team in this gauntlet match, however this is a double edged sword. They have power and size but stamina will be their downfall as they need to survive numerous battles (provided they aren’t the final team out). Should Tons of Funk win, Reigns and Rollins will be fresh and rested which makes them the easy pick to retain their Tag Titles.

Real Americans: Cesaro and Swagger should get through most of these teams with relative ease. Both men are freakishly strong and have great conditioning, making them one of the favourites to win this match. I think it would be a great contest and a legitimate threat to The Shield’s Title reign if the Real Americans were to win. If we go behind the curtain for a moment, I don’t think two villainous teams will be squaring off against one another.

The Usos: The Usos are an exciting team and it’s great to see them being featured more consistently. Their match against The Shield at Money in the Bank was fantastic and the Usos were extremely close to winning the tag titles. The Usos never really received another opportunity after their loss, so I don’t see the Usos wasting this opportunity as they ought to be confident that should they win this gauntlet, they have a great chance of dethroning The Shield. Unfortunately for the Usos, timing is everything and at this time, there is a team that is hotter and has been racking up wins as of late.

The Prime Time Players: Despite one loss against the Wyatt Family, the Prime Time Players (PTP) have been on a great winning streak and appear to be the most dominant team behind The Shield in the tag team division. Titus O’Neil looks be getting more confident with each match and when a powerhouse like Titus starts to recognize his abilities and talents that is a scary thing for his opponents. Darren Young’s confidence has also been elevated as of late and regardless of media buzz surrounding Young, when you’re in that ring you need to take care of business and that’s exactly what Young has done. When a team is confident and motivated they are immediate contenders and a legitimate threat to the Tag Team Champions.



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