SummerSlam Predictions

ImageIt’s a tad bit disappointing to see both Dean Ambrose and Rob Van Dam relegated to the pre-show. This once again demonstrates to the audience the lack of importance surrounding the United States Championship, a title that is all but forgotten. I don’t think RVD will walk out the new champion and I see Rollins and Reigns interfering to secure the gold remains within the Shield. I think Big Show and Mark Henry will make the save and one of the GMs will make a Six-man tag where ALL the titles will be on the line. I don’t know how you would determine who gets the tag straps and the US title but I don’t think we’ll have to worry as the Shield will be victorious retaining all their gold.

WINNER: ROB VAN DAM (by DQ); THE SHIELD (in a six-man tag)

ImageIts nice to see that the reality TV series Total Divas was able to produce a match of interest on the second largest PPV of the year for the WWE. The Bellas are despised and Nattie is easily adored. The show has only aired three episodes, but I think the show has began to expand the fan base for Natalya and she’ll be the one who is most beneficial upon the shows end, I see Nattie picking up the victory and returning back to the title picture for a future bout with AJ.



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