SummerSlam Prediction: WWE Championship John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan


You want to talk about looking forward to a main event bout, I am looking forward to what is destined to be a classic match. I am ecstatic that Daniel Bryan has been able to get so over with crowds all around the world and is becoming a main event star. John Cena has proven as well that when he is in there with a ring general like Punk or Bryan he is capable of holding his own in delivering an outstanding match. Randy Orton is another wildcard who may play into the outcome of this match. My prediction regarding this match, is that Bryan and Cena will clash in a competitive bout, with several near falls (and near tap outs). I think Bryan will prove that his size isn’t as detrimental as some “higher-ups” believe. Towards the end of this bout, I see Orton interfering in this match and taking out Bryan with the briefcase as Bryan has the Yes lock locked on Cena who is on the verge of a possible tap out. Orton costing Bryan his first WWE Championship is instant heel heat. With Cena worn out and on his last limbs, Orton just has to deliver one RKO and cashes in his briefcase. At the end of the night, we will see a new WWE Champion, however fans will not be chanting YES! With Randy Orton as the new, heel champion this will add to the emotional investment in wanting to see Bryan as champion. Additionally, this avoids making Bryan a transitional champion who holds the title for minutes. In a future triple threat for the WWE Title, I think that is where Bryan will triumph as he defeats both Orton and Cena in one night!

Since I first wrote this, Triple H was added as the special guest referee. I don’t understand the point and feel that Triple H’s involvement sort of hurts my excitement for this match. I think Triple H will be conflicted as to whether he should count the 3 for Randy Orton who cashes in, but I think regardless of who the referee is, Orton will still walk out champion.



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