SummerSlam Prediction: Mixed Tag Match Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston & AJ Lee


A mixed tag team match is typically an entertaining wrestling encounter; the men against the men and the women against the women. Ziggler versus Langston would indeed be a contrast of styles but I don’t think many would care to see their one-on-one bout. We’ve also seen Kaitlyn versus AJ countless times, so pitting these four in this sort of match should be far more entertaining than anticipated. ZIggler has been growing as a top babyface. He has been able elicit crowd support without watering down his character. I just hope that Dolph can move past this feud and begin to pursue one of the top titles later in the year. Langston continues to get better, but it will be some time before he reaches main event level. AJ has established herself as the top Diva in the Diva`s division. Her rivalry with Kaitlyn has been refreshing and their matches have delivered. In regards to this match, we’ve seen Ziggler taken out several times by Langston. Langston also picked up a victory over Ziggler, so I smell retribution on Ziggler’s part. We have also seen Kaitlyn spear AJ into oblivion numerous times. I can see Ziggler aggressively beating down Langston and both men begin to brawl away from the ring. This brawl could distract either Diva, which is usually a heel spot. That being said, I think the final image we’ll see is AJ making Kaitlyn tap out again for the third straight pay-per-view and thus ending this feud and leading to a fresh face and new feud for our Diva’s champion.



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