SummerSlam Prediction: Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk


This is a unique bout and it’s been difficult to decide on who is going to be the winner. I hate to play the size card as I’ve always been a fan of the “smaller, more athletic” look but Lesnar is such a freak of nature and his strength and size often seems matchless. That being said, I am still convinced that CM Punk can put forward a strong effort in combatting the Beast.  I am looking forward to seeing how this match will unfold. I am a fan of both competitors and will just sit back and enjoy two unique WWE Superstars clash in their first encounter. The promos between Punk and Heyman have been tremendous and Lesnar’s promo on Monday and this past Friday’s Smackdown were all intense and have fans with one final desire: the match. In regards to a prediction, Lesnar has been dominant in destroying CM Punk to date. I think if Lesnar wins, CM Punk will get a rematch in some sort of gimmick match, however this logic can easily be applied in the event that Lesnar loses as well. For the most part, Lesnar has had the upper hand and has beat down CM Punk. I think this may be the indicator that Punk will channel his fury into a victory that he can boast proudly.



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