SummerSlam Prediction: World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian


I have mixed emotions towards this match. I am pleased to see Christian receive a World title opportunity on the second biggest PPV of the year. Also, Del Rio vs. Christian is going to be a great match because both men are capable of pulling off a classic bout. That being said my major criticisms regarding this feud are that Christian hasn’t been built up a major contender for the World Heavyweight title as he has defeated the likes of Titus O’Neill, Wade Barrett, and Heath Slater. Additionally, I have no emotional investment in Alberto Del Rio as champion. He is a great performer but I feel he is a cookie cutter heel who is arrogant and brutally assaults opponents but this draws no heat from me. It’s simply the case of “it’s been done.” Lastly, although Christian won the Triple Threat match, the most over contender in that match was definitely Rob Van Dam. I believe RVD should be in contention for the World Title. RVD would be a new feud and new style for Del Rio to combat. I think RVD is a greater threat to Del Rio’s reign. I still hold hope that RVD may be inserted in this match for a classic Triple Threat. I am not endorsing that Christian be removed or denied a title opportunity, I just feel RVD is the perfect ingredient to make this match go from a great one-on-one to a classic Triple Threat.

As far as a prediction is concerned, I am going to predict that Christian wins the World Title. In my mind I am convinced Del Rio retains, so with this prediction I am hoping for the feeling of shock and excitement that comes with a new champion. I think Ricardo may be the one who costs Del Rio the title which would allow Del Rio and Ricardo to have a feud of their own. My hope with Christian being champion is that new contenders such as Barrett, Cesaro, Wyatt or any member of the Shield have an opportunity to challenge for the World Title. Also with Christian as champion you can begin to plant the seeds for the Sandow cash-in.  If this match does become a Triple Threat with RVD, then I would have to predict that Del Rio retains over two fan favourites to hopefully garner some heat.



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