SummerSlam Prediction: Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow


I have loved everything building up to this feud. It was fantastic to see how organic Cody’s face turn was during the Money in the Bank Ladder match. It was equally fantastic to see Sandow toss Rhodes off the ladder to grab the briefcase. Rhodes viciously attacking Sandow afterwards on Smackdown was great and Sandow acting as though he doesn’t know why Rhodes is upset just adds to the great storytelling. In one of my favourite segments in a while, Rhodes stealing Sandow’s briefcase and tossing it in the ocean was fantastic. Sandow screaming and declaring his inability to swim was awesome. Sandow diving in the ocean to retrieve his sunken case was just the perfect hint of comedy without weakening Sandow’s credibility as a World title contender. Sandow’s fury and insults towards Rhodes and his family’s legacy was great. This entire feud has had an old school build which may be why I am emotionally invested in this feud. I assumed this bout would be for the MITB contract, however this hasn’t been announced which I think is fine in the long term. I can see Rhodes defeating Sandow at SummerSlam in the opening match. A Rhodes loss would hurt his momentum and would signify the end of this feud. I think their feud can extend to another PPV without fans getting bored. With Rhodes winning, Sandow can demand a rematch to prove he is better than Rhodes. Rhodes can then say he will only grant Sandow a rematch if Sandow puts his contract on the line, which would fit with the theme of the next PPV (Night of Champions). Sandow can then cheat to defeat Rhodes and retain his contract, but I’m getting ahead of myself on predictions. Regardless of the outcome, I am pleased that this match isn’t a pre-show match and am excited to see this match.



3 thoughts on “SummerSlam Prediction: Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

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