WWE Money in the Bank Prediction: All-Stars WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match


I think the choice for who will win the All-Stars Money in the Bank Ladder match is rather straight forward. As we approach Summerslam, I think most wrestling fans want and will be rewarded with a fresh feud. I think John Cena will be WWE Champion come Summerslam, therefore if it is a fresh feud we are getting that cancels out Randy Orton, Sheamus, CM Punk and Rob Van Dam. The year of Christian was certainly in 2011 when he had a ton of momentum and held the World Heavyweight Title on two separate occasions. This year I don’t see Christian winning the briefcase and he appears to be set for a more meaningful feud in the upper-midcard with the Shield. With Kane also out of the match, this leaves only one to win this match: Daniel Bryan. Bryan has had huge momentum moving forward. He has been set on proving he is not a weak link and that his size is not a shortcoming. I think Bryan winning a briefcase in a match titled the All Stars Ladder Match will cement him in the eyes of many. Granted, Bryan is pretty much the most over babyface in the company as he is consistently cheered and the crowd is into everything he does. A John Cena- Daniel Bryan feud intrigues me greatly and so I hope Bryan walks out of Philadelphia a two-time Money In the Bank winner.

Noteworthy possibilities:

  • Look for a possible Orton heel turn; I think he is the best candidate to make the switch.
  • Will Brock Lesnar have a role in costing CM Punk the victory?
  • RVD, with his hero’s welcome, will be so close to winning (the runner-up, so to speak) and the eventual winner will be the one to end RVD’s quest to be back at the top.
  • Lastly, will someone replace Kane? If so, who?


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