WWE Money in the Bank Prediction: World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match


Instead of making the case for who I predict will this match, I’ll share my thoughts on the possibility of each competitor winning and how a potential scenario could unfold.

Wade Barrett: Barrett absolutely belongs in this match. He is the quintessential blue chipper and a future prospect to be a World Champion. Barrett has the look, cuts a good promo and a unique, hard hitting offense that make him worthy to be champ. It was rumored that he was scheduled to be the man to win a Money in the Bank contract at Wrestlemania 28, however due to injury this didn’t happen. This clearly indicates that the company sees something in Barrett. I think Barrett has a better than fair chance to win the briefcase this year. Barrett has been on an incredible losing streak as of late and so this win may be exactly what he needs to reinvigorate his career.

Cody Rhodes: Rhodes is another young talent that could potentially have a go with a World Title run. Should Ziggler win, I think Rhodes and Ziggler could have some great matches. Great matches aside, I don’t know how invested fans would be in Rhodes. Cody is certainly a dark horse in this match as he has been on a losing streak of his own. In Philadelphia, Rhodes could receive a huge face pop should he win, which could be great momentum moving forward for Rhodes. I don’t see Rhodes winning this match but I do see a new chapter unfolding in his career. I think we will see the dissension in full effect between the Rhodes Scholars. Sandow may beat down Rhodes which “costs” Rhodes his World Title opportunity. Coming out of this match, I think the writing is on the wall with Cody turning babyface by the end of the night.

Damien Sandow: As stated above, I think the Rhodes Scholars are on the brink of separation and possibly feuding. Should Sandow win and carry around the briefcase, a Rhodes-Sandow feud could be useful in keeping the Money in the Bank briefcase relevant for the months prior to its cash-in. We could see both men compete in a match where the briefcase is on the line, something done before with a high level of interest. Sandow could cut some fantastic promos talking about how he will outsmart the champion when he eventually cashes in and how his cash-in will be one of the most intellectual and tactical cash-ins of all time. Maybe we will finally meet Sandow’s scribe/tweeter Ignatius and he will be the one to carry the briefcase around until that faithful day when Sandow cashes in to be champion.

Dean Ambrose: Ambrose has been quiet in the buildup to this match. He hasn’t been featured in the backstage segments and comedy sketches. Ambrose has to be considered one the favourites to win this match. There are certainly several factors that could feed into a possible Ambrose win and cash-in. The other Shield members could interfere in the ladder match, decimating and taking out the other competitors allowing Ambrose to win. Additonally, the Shield could always take out the champion and set up Ambrose for a successful cash-in. With Ambrose as World Heavyweight Championship, this could plant the seeds of jealousy within the Shield leading to a possible break up down the road. I don’t like the thought of the Shield breaking up any time soon. This group needs to remain united for at LEAST a year if not more. The Shield with all their titles can only appear stronger with another accolade such as the Money in the Bank, but they still need to be booked in prominent feuds so as to not devalue belts and briefcase.

Fandango: Another young talent, which was blatantly stated as the theme of this match. I don’t think Fandango is going to win this match, but stranger things have happened in the world of professional wrestling, especially if the boss is a fan of yours. I think Fandango will shine in this match with some high risk spots. I think we may see his Flying Legdrop from the top of the ladder, which will spell doom rather than success for young Fandango.

Jack Swagger: Swagger had his run for the World Title leading up to Wrestlemania XXIX. The match and feud was not well received by the crowds. Colter has been great in his role, but Swagger just doesn’t connect with fans at a Main Event level. I think this new tag team with Cesaro is a more beneficial direction for Swagger and hopefully fans can be interested in Swagger challenging for titles at the midcard.

Antonio Cesaro: Contrary to Swagger, Cesaro’s run with the World title may be on delay due to his association with Colter and Swagger. I don’t think we can write off Cesaro but I think it would just be odd to see Cesaro with a briefcase while Swagger follows behind him, unless a turn is forthcoming. On a side note, for those that watched the match between Ziggler and Cesaro on WWE Main Event, we saw it finish with a DQ after Swagger interfered. This led me to believe that they could be saving a Cesaro-Ziggler match/feud for the World Title and didn’t want to portray Cesaro as an unworthy challenger for Dolph. Additionally, recent NXT tapings of matches between Zayn-Cesaro, proved Cesaro can go as he had what is described as one of the matches of the year. Cesaro may be rewarded for his consistent work ethic and strong matches come this Sunday.

Since I can’t predict a winner, I am going to go with my favourite in the match: Damien Sandow! Should this happen I will take it as a personal “You’re Welcome” from the WWE.


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