WWE Money in the Bank Prediction: WWE Championship Mark Henry vs. John Cena

ImageThe buildup to this match has been tremendous. Mark Henry has been able to reinvent himself once again. The retirement speech was a marvelous way to sell this championship contest and ever since then Henry has been on a roll and has built momentum in simple and significant ways.

John Cena has for the most part stopped the comedy but despite his focus is a vulnerable champion.

Mark Henry certainly has the upper hand in this feud as he has been intimidating and determined on winning the WWE Championship before he truly hangs up his boots. Upon hearing the announcement for this match, I was confident Cena would retain. Through the weeks however my opinion has changed. In my opinion I could see this feud unfolding similar to that of Steve Austin-Kane in 1998. As the graphic states above, “My Money is on Henry!” I think Mark Henry WILL win his first WWE Championship in Philadelphia and much like when he won the World Heavyweight Championship, the live arena will be in awe. As I said, similar to the Austin-Kane feud, Cena will invoke his rematch clause the next night on RAW against Henry and win back the WWE Championship for a 12th time. I’m not a fan of one day title reigns but I don’t think Henry needs a lengthy reign at this point in his career. I think it will all be worth it to witness Henry pinning Cena, hoisting the title and the crowd erupting for him may be a magnificent moment in the career of Mark Henry.


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