WWE Money in the Bank Predictions: World Heavyweight Championship Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

ImageThus far on this loaded pay-per-view all the champions have retained their respective titles. Let’s change that up! I wish I saw something in Alberto Del Rio that drew me to him and wanted to see him in upper card feuds and matches. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of this guy. Del Rio is accomplished and is a fantastic wrestler, but I just don’t connect with him. He was awful as a babyface and so I’m glad he’s back in a more natural role, however I feel as though I have just seen Del RIo featured in so many major angles and have yet to emotionally invest in any of them. That being said, I was definitely a fan of the double switch that took place at the last pay-per-view. I was upset that Ziggler lost his title but that has me invested in Ziggler and wanting to see him win back his title. This match may be the sleeper of the night as both men can go. Like I’ve stated I am fed up with Del RIo always being champion or in champion contention and really want to see Ziggler have a lengthy run as the World Heavyweight Championship. This is the new workhorse title and I can’t think of another superstar who deserves a run with the belt. Also I get excited thinking of potential feuds and matches with Ziggler vs. Barrett, Ziggler vs. Cesaro, Ziggler vs. Ambrose, Ziggler vs. Sandow and even Ziggler vs. Rhodes.


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