WWE Money in the Bank Predictions: Intercontinental Championship The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

ImageCurtis Axel has dropped a few spots since his debut, however this has been good for his progression. Axel being thrust into the Main Event picture with some awkward booking as it relates to the finish of his matches almost hurt Axel’s career. Curtis Axel needs to feud with someone like The Miz. For those who don’t remember the Miz is a former WWE Champion and Wrestlemania Main Eventer therefore if Axel defeats someone of this caliber, the hope is that fans start to take Axel as a serious threat. I look forward to see if Philadelphia will get behind this new Paul Heyman guy. So far, Axel has been able to get some crowd reaction because of Heyman and his pedigree, being a Hennig. Axel’s Perfect Plex has got some decent pops and I hope to see Axel successfully defeat the Miz with a Perfect Plex.


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