WWE Money in the Bank Prediction: Ryback vs. Chris Jericho

ImageI am uncertain how to comprehend the Ryback character. His heel turn was unnecessary and hurt his momentum as an up and coming star that was starting to get over with fans. Now in his feud with Jericho he has been rendered and titled Cryback, a tough guy who has quit in his matches and complains. Additionally, last night Ryback stopped, hugged and demonstrated empathy to Vickie Guerrero which just adds to my confusion of what Ryback is up to. In a past match between Jericho and Ryback on Smackdown, the two put together a fairly decent match. Ryback has proven when led by the likes of Bryan or Jericho, that he is able to put forward a decent match. Chris Jericho has mostly had the upper hand in this feud and Jericho had noted in past interviews that this was a potential Wrestlemania match, therefore I don’t think it will disappoint. I don’t think this will steal the show, but it will be a good match and finally allow Ryback to pick up a pay-per-view victory. Hopefully it isn’t too little, too late! Additionally, should Kane be unable to compete in the All-Stars Money in the Bank Ladder Match, I could see this match being changed to the winner being his replacement.


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