WWE Money in the Bank Predictions: WWE Tag Team Championship Match; The Usos vs. The Shield


It is unfortunate that four talented competitors have been rendered to a pre-show and are not featured on the pay-per-view. This should be fast-paced and hard hitting making for an exciting match. The difference maker in this match is the powerhouse Roman Reigns. Reigns has a devastating Superman punch and Spear which may spell doom for the Usos. Seth Rollins is no slouch either, he has a unique mix of technical and brawling offense. The Shield as a tag team operates much like the Hart Foundation with a combination of complimentary styles. I hope that the Usos can manage to showcase their abilities as they work magnificently as a tag team, with their use of tag team offense, such as their Samoan Drop combo. Both teams have been able to pick up victories over one another in 6-Man tag matches, but I think the Shield is hungrier to prove their dominance and defeat the Usos, it will not be easy but the Shield will be victorious!


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