Bray Wyatt is a Star in the making

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Gimmick: An evil cult leader whose mind is unstable. Wyatt has an alternative view of himself and doesn’t appear to relate to the human race. Wyatt even stated “…So people, witness the new face of fear. This is not the face of a human being; this is the face of a MONSTER!! This is the face of the eater of worlds. Every time from now on that you gaze into my face, I don’t care who you are, how BAD you think you are, you can never hurt me because I am already dead.” In pro wrestling, there is nothing more exciting than kayfabe being taken seriously.  Staring into the eyes of Bray Wyatt, the man just isn’t all there, which makes him that much more dangerous as he enters the squared circle. If you met Wyatt in one of those ravines from the vignettes, chances are you wouldn’t stick around too long for a Wyatt Family picnic.

Move-Set: In the few matches I have seen with Wyatt he is incredible athletic and is a decent worker. Wyatt is not a physical specimen but once again, personally, there is always something captivating about an athletic big man. Wyatt reminds me of Bam Bam Bigelow with his speed and aerial manoeuvers for a man his size. His finisher “Sister Abigail” (which is an awesome name) looks devastating. Wyatt also uses a Flying Senton and brutal Cross Body that can come out of nowhere.

Mic Skills: Bray Wyatt appears to use a mix of delivery styles in his promo. There’s a bit of Jake Roberts with deliberate and methodical use of words. There is also a bit of a Macho Man/Ultimate Warrior intensity (and insanity) which sucker you in and evoke an emotional response to what Wyatt is saying. Fortunately for Wyatt while he is clearly unstable, his messages don’t come across as nonsensical rambling but more often what he says leaves his audience pondering what his message means and confused on how to piece it all together.

Faction: Bray Wyatt on his own is fantastic but his character is heightened with his association with the Wyatt Family. Harper and Rowan look just as crazy as Wyatt and compliment Wyatt as a cult leader who was able to brainwash these two behemoths. Harper with his surly beard has the Bruiser Brody look, another mad man in wrestling history. Rowan in his jumpsuit hides his impressive physique and the wearing of a lamb mask is brilliant psychology. The mind of his opponents may see what appears as a soft, cuddly lamb and forger they’re in the ring with a monster. Wyatt’s faction allows Wyatt to spew essentially whatever he wills as no one may cross him due to his TWO enforcers. In turn, I am sure that Wyatt will lead these two monsters to tag team gold.

Feud: Who should Bray Wyatt feud with upon arrival? I would suggest Randy Orton. Back in 2011, Orton punted Husky Harris in the head which essentially led to the creation of Bray Wyatt. Wyatt could attribute the kick to the head to his level of sanity and his new understanding of the world around him. Wyatt is thankful to Orton and plays mind games with Orton but a kick to the head is never forgotten. Wyatt understands Orton’s intentions as trying to end his career before it could begin and now Wyatt and his family have arrived to take the beloved Orton out. As the Wyatt Family have stated “Send us anyone, just don’t send us anyone you want back.” Bray Wyatt and the family could build off Orton’s theme in being the new voices Orton hears in his head.

Other Intangibles: The Wyatt family theme music is perfect. It has a very relaxed beat and is calming which is the opposite of the aggressive style of the Wyatt Family, again playing into the psychological games of the Wyatt family. Another important intangible is that wrestling is in the blood of Bray Wyatt as he is a third generation superstar. With a lineage that includes Hall of Famers Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham and eventual Hall of Fame, his father, Mike Rotunda, Wyatt just has a different understanding of pro wrestling that cannot be taught in training school or developmentals. It will be a matter of time, but Bray Wyatt to his credit has a ton going for him and his success should be forthcoming!


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