WWE Payback Predictions

ImageIt would nice to see Sandow pick up the victory in this one. Sheamus has had the upper hand over the last few weeks and it would nice to get some heat on Sandow to build him as one of the WWE’s top heels. Based on previous booking, I am predicting Sheamus picks up a meaningless victory.


ImageThis feud’s buildup was hurt by Ziggler being absent due to his concussion and is essentially a formality as Del Rio earned his title shot at the last pay-per-view. I think this match will be Ziggler’s first strong title defense as he defeats Del Rio and ends this feud. I am more excited to see who is next to challenge the Showoff.


20130610_EP_LIGHT_payback_KaitlynAj_HOMEPAGEMuch like the Shield is helping raise the status of the midcard titles, AJ will be able to bring some prominence to the Divas title, I expect AJ to be the new Women’s champion in Chicago


20130610_EP_LIGHT_payback_AxelBarrettMiz_HOMEPAGEI would have chose Fandango to win the title at the pay-per-view but due to his concussion, its ironic that his substitute will not take his place but also his title. It is a bit of a rush but I do see Axel picking up the victory and winning a title that his dad is synonymous with.


20130610_EP_LIGHT_payback_AmbroseKane_HOMEPAGEDean Ambrose defending the United States title against the likes of Kane is great for the title and should be a decent brawl. I don’t think anyone is expecting Ambrose to lose this match. I am intrigued to see how Ambrose goes about combatting the Big Red machine. Ambrose should hold on to this title for a while.


20130610_EP_LIGHT_payback_TagMatch_HOMEPAGEShield retains the tag straps. Orton turns heel. Bryan is a house of fire and elevates his status as the Number 2 babyface in the company. Bryan vs Orton is a money match, however with the rumour being Bryan vs Cena we may get this match on TV, which is fine if Bryan does indeed get a shot at the WWE Title.


20130520_article_payback_cenarybackOnce again, I have very limited interest in this match. I think the 3 Stages of Hell is a bit excessive and I am concerned how well this match will get over. I expect Ryback to pick up the first fall in the Lumberjack match and Cena picks up the last two victories. I don’t know what another loss does for Ryback and its a shame that his momentum may come to a hault. This would be a great match to pull a swerve and have Ryback win the title as I don’t think most people believe he will.


20130524_EP_payback_JerichoPunk_HOMEPAGE2Until Axel was booked into the triple threat match I would have booked a no-show by Punk to keep him a heel as he disappoints his Chicago fans. However, now I am excited to see CM Punk return to MEGA POP! I think Jericho and Punk will seek to have the match of the night. I am still set on Punk no-showing as it just builds the desire to his eventual return. I still believe Punk coming back in June is too soon and would much rather see Punk return at Summerslam. I can’t see CM Punk losing in his return match (if it happens)



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