Extreme Rules Prediction: Last Man Standing WWE Championship John Cena vs. Ryback

ImageUpon the initial tease of this feud I had some interest in seeing these two do battle for the WWE Title. I didn’t pereive Ryback as a heel, but a more aggressive babyface who wanted the WWE Championship. This feud reminded me of Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior, where Hogan was your classic babyface whereas the Ultimate Warrior was a fan favourite but didn’t cut promos or interact with fans in the expected way.

Nonetheless, to date, I believe Ryback as a heel hurt his character development. It is almost as though Ryback turned heel just for this feud and once it ends he will turn back to a face, which is awful booking in my opinion. This has hurt my interest with each passing week and so I have no vested interest in watching this match. I foresee John Cena walking out of Extreme Rules with the WWE Championship, however in a non-conventional way. I could see the Shield interfering and beating down BOTH Cena and Ryback to which the match ends in a draw or if they want to keep Ryback a heel, than Cena beats down Ryback and then the Shield interferes and beats down Cena for a draw. The only problem with this outcome (although it doesn’t bother me) is that the only men to shine are men aren’t even advertised for this match: The Shield. With the outcome being a draw, this may mean that Lesnar vs. Triple H will close the show.


Additional prediction: The Shield will shine at Extreme Rules. Orton/Big Show will more entertaining that expected. Ambrose/Kingston will be match of the night. Hopefully we see AJ vs Kaitlyn on the PPV.

I take my 16-5 PPV Prediction record into this Sunday and hope for a highly entertaining evening.


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