Extreme Rules Prediction: WWE Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag Match Team Hell No vs. The Shield

ImageTeam Hell No has done a fantastic job in making the Tag Team titles relevant. These titles were an after thought for the longest time and now Team Hell No, who are consistent TV main eventers have been able to bring prominence to these belts. Daniel Bryan continues to get better each night and the cheers are getting louder in every building that Bryan competes in. Kane, who recently turned 46, still looks fantastic. The Shield has equally been as successful as Team Hell No. They consistently have great six-man tag matches, which is a difficult feat. Seth Rollins is an amazing bumper and works at such a high pace and is rarely sloppy in the ring. Roman Reigns is green at times, but I think he is learning a great deal from being around Rollins and Ambrose, which speaks to their skills for being young talents. Although, Reigns may be green at times, his power game is impressive and he performs his role as “the muscle” extremely well. I only have good things to say about The Shield and I think if any team was primed to take the titles off Team Hell No it is The Shield, another main event team that will uphold the established prominence of the tag titles. it will be a fantastic scene to see The Shield all with titles as they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work at getting over as some fresh main eventers.



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