Extreme Rules Prediction: Strap Match Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

ImageI am big fan of both men, however I have to give the edge to Mark Henry in this feud as being far more entertaining. Sheamus has been acting as some sort of bully and a more sarcastic babyface with Henry sometimes looking like a not a so bright heel. Nonetheless, when Henry has been irate he has been one of the most dangerous individuals. The belt-whooping that he put on Sheamus (which was visibly noticeable) was impressive. For whatever reason, I am looking forward to seeing this match most on the card. It’s hard for me to pick a winner. Henry has been impressive showcasing his strength in different ways and Sheamus simply reacting. However, with Sheamus portraying a bit of bully it would be nice to see Henry get the upper hand and beat Sheamus. If I had to pick a winner, I am going to go with the one guy who has proved to me to be more deserving based on being both entertaining and dominant and that would have to be the World’s Strongest Man.



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