Extreme Rules Prediction: I Quit Match Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

ImageThe one match on this card that I was looking forward to was going to be the Triple Threat Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, due to Ziggler’s condition this match won’t take place, which of course is the right decision. Ziggler does not need to risk his health and I am thankful that he wasn’t stripped of the title. Once again I extend my well wishes of a speedy recovery to Dolph Ziggler.
I think I was looking forward to the possible shenanigans that would have taking place as all three men have managers, body guards and valets and I’m sure all of them would have had their role in disrupting the climb up the ladder. For the record, I’m confident that this would have been a successful title defense for Dolph Ziggler.
Nonetheless, the match we have is an I Quit Match between Del Rio and Swagger. The battle of the armbar versus the ankle lock. Their Wrestlemania bout was underwhelming which is unfortunate because I was looking forward to their match. Additionally, these two men have squared off against one another numerous times since Wrestlemania and so I don’t know what more they can show us. With this being an I Quit match, it would hurt Del Rio far worse than it would Swagger to utter the words “I quit”. Personally, I would rather see a new, fresh #1 contender emerge for the June pay-per-view however I believe we are looking at a Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler program in our near future.



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