When should CM Punk Return?

ImageThe appropriate answer to the following questions is any time he wants to come back. CM Punk has worked non-stop and has worked very hard over the last year and a half proving what he and others have known for a while, he is a Main Event caliber star. Presently, it is reported that CM Punk is suffering from nagging injuries and is potentially burnt out and is in need of time off, just like any professional in any other career. Out of respect (no pun intended) he deserves as much time off as he deems suitable for himself both professionally, and more importantly personally.

It has been reported that CM Punk’s anticipated return has been moved up to the end of May. This is perhaps due to injuries to top stars and the lack of confidence WWE may have in their mid-card and upper-mid talents to fill out the 3-hour shows. On a side note, this past week’s episode of RAW, I believe we saw guys like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and the Shield demonstrate their worth and passion to be top guys in this industry and this should be honoured.

Therefore, I don’t like the possibility of CM Punk returning so soon. The longer the anticipation of his return, the more special it will be. Regardless of when he comes back, he receive a huge pop however I think if it months from now, let’s say around the end of August, the grandeur of a return of SummerSlam could elicit a crow reaction to rival returns of the Rock, Triple H, Stone Cold or the Undertaker; a league that CM Punk can hang with.

Additionally, if I could fantasy book how I would have CM Punk return it would go like this. I would not advertise any promos hyping CM Punk’s return as I think it will add to the mystique and excitement for when he does return. My main event for Summerslam 2013 would be a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship involving John Cena, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar. I don’t think fans would be interested in seeing another singles bout between Cena and Lesnar and so this alternative creates an opportunity as well for Lesnar and Orton to combat one another (I believe for the first time).

I would go with the story of these three were standouts of OVW back in 2002 and now more than 10 years later, all three are the biggest names in the company, competing for the grandest prize. The story would continue with Cena and Orton strategizing on how to bring down the powerhouse Brock Lesnar due to his reckless nature. The hope would be that fans would realize that at the end of the night only one man can walk away champion and so eventually Cena and Orton would have to turn on one anothe, however the additional story is Brock is entering this match with a slight disadvantage as his adversaries are plotting to work together to bring him down.

Paul Heyman, in the corner of Lesnar, arrives at the arena the night of Summerslam and minutes before the main event declares to the world that he seeks to ensure that justice prevails and that this Triple Threat match isn’t going to be a 2-on-1 handicap match. Heyman admits he is an advisor, not an enforcer and that as great as Brock Lesnar is, this is a Triple Threat WWE Championship match and he would to see it be an fair and equal encounter among the three men. With the crowd hearing “justice”, they believe the Shield is on their way. Heyman states that this man will be present tonight to simply “be in the corner” of Brock Lesnar. Then we hear the first cord of “Cult of Personality” and out walks CM Punk, to what I hope is the loudest pop of the last few years. CM Punk shakes hands with Heyman and Lesnar and returns to the outside and stands alongside Paul Heyman to watch the main event. The match goes on, with limited Punk interference other than trash talking to both Cena and Orton. Lesnar eventually picks up thevictory and wins the championship. Heyman and Punk enter the ring and congratulate Lesnar. Here comes the photo op of the night with Punk and Heyman holding up the hands of the new WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar. I believe this may be the first time all three are in a WWE ring together.

Then it happens! CM Punk hoists Lesnar over his shoulders and hits him with the GTS out of no where! Heyman is in shock as Punk stands over Lesnar holding the WWE Title. The crowd, hopefully, is divided not sure whether to boo or cheer Punk and for that matter not sure if to cheer the attack on Lesnar or to show compassion for Lesnar. This leads to a mandatory viewing of RAW to see who is the hero and who is the villain and ultimately, who Paul Heyman will side with thus leading to a Punk-Lesnar feud for the WWE Championship for the Fall.

 The longer they hold back on CM Punk’s, the greater a fan’s anticipation and excitement will grow for the return of the Best in the World!


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