New WWE Divas Reality TV Show, Total Divas


This past week, the WWE and E! announced that they have production on a reality TV show featuring the WWE Divas.Before this announcement I had planned on writing on what ideas I believed could help bring some interest to the Divas division. I am intrigued at this idea as I feel it may help  add some intrigue into who the women of the WWE are. As stated the show looks to provide fans with “complete and utter access to backstage workings of the WWE, preparation and fallout of matches, romantic entanglements of a WWE locker room and the efforts of prospective Divas breaking-in to the business.” ( staff, 2013). With the limited time that the Divas get on RAW or Smackdown and the limited character development of the female competitors, this show may showcase the women in a new light that wouldn’t otherwise have.

One downfall is that it appears to feature only five Divas: Natalya, Nikki and Brie Bella and the Funkadactyls, Naomi and Cameron. Additionally there are two other women who will be featured (Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman). Neither of these women are featured on NXT so their addition seems a bit out of place. I would much rather prefer to see all the Divas incorporated in this show. I would love to know the pressures of being a second-generation Diva such as Natalya and Tamina. I am interested in learning how and why Alicia Fox, Cameron, Naomi, Aksana and Kaitlyn got into the business. Also I would love to hear from women like Layla, Rosa Mendes, and the Bellas on how the former Diva Search competition has shaped their life. Lastly and perhaps most intriguing would be how AJ Lee’s stardom is received and perceived by her peers because she is undeniably the face of this division.

Additionally, the reality aspect would allow fans to see how they could connect with the Divas. For example AJ Lee’s interest in video gaming and comic books or Rosa Mendes’ interest in fitness and nutrition. These two women were featured in Wrestlemania videos which I thought added, albeit limited, depth to their character. I have to give credit to TNA Impact wrestling for a video they posted featuring one of their prospective knockouts, Ivelisse where she was able to briefly share her journey into wrestling. There was emotion and in a 3-4 minute video I was able to connect with this woman and desire to make it in this business.

I am especially interested in the Divas perspective on the backstage workings and the preparation and fallout of matches. Given that Divas’ matches are kept short, appear rushed  and seek to cram ALL the women in one match, I’m interested to hear their feelings on this subject. Apparently the show starts from the RAW before Wrestlemania 29 so it will be very interesting to see if the Funkadactyls and Bellas will get to share their feelings on being bumped off the Wrestlemania 29 card.

Lastly, the feature of new Divas attempting to break in does have some appeal. Like I stated earlier, the two women who are to featured are unknown to me, so it appears they’ll be introduced through this show. I would rather see some of the NXT Divas appear on this show, such as Paige. I think on a show called Total Divas featuring a woman who calls herself the Anti-Diva does spark some interest, however this relates more to introducing a character than the woman, Britani Knight, so I can see why this wouldn’t be a feature. That being said, the women of NXT should have been given a spot too.

Overall, this reality TV show will not have any major impact on the in-ring product, however as repeatedly stated, I think that the benefit of the show will be that fans will get an additional look at Divas on a new forum. I do hope that the show isn’t mostly comprised of following Divas on photoshoots, on red carpets or attending parties but rather showcasing the life of a WWE female competitor while depicting their off camera personalities and passion for what they do. Again, I can’t say that I’m happy that the show will only feature five Divas, but I think this is something exciting for a division that appears to be on its demise. I’ll be tuning in.


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