Wrestlemania Prediction: WWE Championship, The Rock vs. John Cena

ImageI’ve stated my piece on The Rock’s value to WWE and I’ve stated my piece on John Cena turning heel, so let’s get to the point. In my eyes, Cena needs to win this match. This is the story they are telling and this is the story I believe. Cena has beaten many from his generation but can he defeat The Great One? It’s a name that is key to any resume when you desire to be the best. The Rock was in a similar position at Wrestlemania X-8 when Hogan said this is the guy. I don’t want The Rock to say John Cena is the guy, I want Cena to beat the Rock convincingly that it states to the world that John Cena has now officially submitted his name to be along those classified as the all time greats. No handshakes necessary, no warm embrace, just a fight where one man must lose while the other has his hand raised in victory as the new WWE Champion. I hope Cena cuts the boy scout stuff out for one night and FIGHTS like his reputation, his appeal, his fans, his career and his life depend on it. Predictable or not, John Cena MUST win!



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