Wrestlemania Prediction: CM Punk vs. The Undertaker

ImageUpon hearing the tease for this feud, I assumed the centre story would be respect. The Undertaker is synonymous with respect and CM Punk obsesses over respect. Additionally, in CM Punk’s DVD it is stated by Michael Hayes and Jim Ross that Punk’s matches with Taker are what catapulted CM Punk to main event status. Hayes adds the point that Undertaker finally admitted he respected after thinking he never would. I could definitely see CM Punk shooting point blank say “Who the heck are you that your respect should have any bearing on my career? Everyone always says ‘Oh Taker, he’s the lockerroom leader, this is his yard’ Well in your lengthy absence that is my locker room and this is my yard, I’m the only ONE who is the best in the world and am going to be the ONE in 20 and 1” I think utilizing this real progression of respect with a hint of the disrespect shown during the tribute would have made the build to this match more interesting.

Not since Wrestlemania 21 have I thought that the streak may end. The only reason I have some belief that the streak could end is due to the Undertaker apparently selecting his opponent. Does Undertaker truly respect CM Punk that much that he would let him be the one? 20-1 isn’t awful, but I do think an undefeated streak is unique and deserves to go unblemished. Add the fact that for the first time that I can recall, The Undertaker’s opponent has the mental game advantage. My hope at large is that this match delivers and possibly steals the show.




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