Wrestlemania Prediction: World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

ImageEarlier in the build of this feud, I was very interested. I was beginning to invest in the new Jack Swagger character and his association with Zeb Colter. I love Swagger’s new theme music and I thought their conservative gimmick was something new and I was interested to see how far they’d push the envelope. There were some positive and negative hiccups that I think hurt this feud. The Glenn Beck situation was beneficial to the storyline as it evoked an emotion from outside the sports-entertainment world. I think Swagger’s arrest, did hurt this feud in the eye’s of the IWC (Internet Wrestling community) as it played a distraction and it was hard to separate Swagger from his actions.

Additionally, as great as an in-ring performer as Alberto Del Rio is, he remains weak on the mic and in a feud where it is heavily based on the exchange of words, this has hurt Del Rio’s momentum. Alberto, much like the Miz is having a difficult time re-inventing himself as a babyface. I mention these points to outline why I think this feud has cooled off, however I have tried to remain excited for this match. I think Swagger and Del Rio will have a better match than many people think they will. I think the addition of two managers in Ricardo Rodriguez and Zeb Colter will add some more classic wrestling fun.

My prediction for this match is that Alberto Del Rio will get his victory over the evil Jack Swagger and the #WeThePeople campaign. Swagger has been brutal to a defenseless Ricardo Rodriguez. If Del Rio does pull off the victory, I don’t think Swagger will just go away quietly. I think Swagger will brutally assault Del Rio by either continuously using Gutwrench suplexes or snapping the ankle of Del Rio.

I think this feud will extend to the next pay-per-view due to the animosity between both competitors and may be so personal the feud may not need of the World Title. I say this for this point alone, I think there is no greater stage than Wrestlemania 29 in MetLife Stadium for the one and only, Dolph Ziggler to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and capitalize on Del Rio’s incapcitated state to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! Dolph has been reported to be quite over with New York crowds and so Ziggler cashing in and winning would be a tremendous Wrestlemania moment. This scenario is obviously beneficial to Ziggler’s development, also it would give Del Rio a Wrestlemania win and it would allow Swagger to serve the consequences for his actions. Will this happen, we’ll have to tune in Sunday to find out!



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