Wrestlemania Prediction: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

ImageI can officially announce that I am one of those fans who had limited interest in this match. I don’t like Triple H rematches. Nonetheless, I have convinced myself that this is an old school feud and old school build up in which the heel dominated the first match and so at Wrestlemania, the babyface will get his revenge. Moving forward when Heyman announced they would choose the match stipulation, I got excited and thought this was going to be in the Octagon. That idea was quickly nixed. Once again, when Heyman announced “No Holds Barred” I reversed back into disinterest. Heyman did add that Triple H’s career would also be on the line which did grab my attention because it leaves the conclusion of the match in the air. At first I was convinced 100% that Triple H was going to win. Then as I listened to the opinions of others my confidence in the Game began to fall. Brock Lesnar is supposedly rumoured to be in the main event of next year’s Mania, therefore would it make sense to have Lesnar lose, especially when Lesnar only competes a couple times a year. Additionally, Triple H has nothing to gain by winning and appears to be out to prove to people that he isn’t “that guy” who buries talent. All this redundant rambling is simple word-play to tell all, I have zero idea who is going to win…and that gets me excited! Shawn Michaels is a random addition to this match and does nothing for me, but I would love to see Paul Heyman get some Sweet Chin Music, mostly because I feel he’d sell it beautifully. For this match, I hope that Brock Lesnar wins since I like Brock more than I do the Game, so for that reason, I’ll choose….



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