Wrestlemania Prediction: Sheamus, Big Show & Randy Orton vs. The Shield

ImagePresently, I am indifferent on the Shield. I like that new talent are being featured in a dominant fashion and are mixing it up with main eventers. I have briefly seen some of their PPV matches but I guess it takes time to truly appreciate a quality Six-Man Tag.

For this match, I couldn’t see three better opponents for the Shield to have a classic match with and to defeat. The team of Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton is destined to implode as the writing is on the wall. Sheamus and Big Show had feuded over the World Title over the latter part of 2012 and therefore there should be no love lost. Randy Orton has been trying to keep the team level headed and unified. To me this states that Orton is waiting for the opportune time to make a statement. I think a missed Brogue Kick will knock out Orton, causing the babyface Sheamus to check on his partner. I think this will be the breaking point for Orton and working with a team and he will RKO Sheamus. Big Show may be a tad distracted and enforce the team mentality, thus giving the Shield the opportunity to capitalize with a spear and the pin for the 1-2-3. I think Orton may continue a beatdown on Sheamus to ensure that he is done with working with the “good guys” and is done doing things for the fans. I don’t think this needs to be a connection to leadership for the Shield but rather an unrelated heel turn to reinvent Orton.



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