Wrestlemania Prediction: Fandango vs. Chris Jericho

ImageLet me start by stating, it is somewhat shocking to see the young Fandango get his first at Wrestlemania against the veteran Chris Jericho. To date, the Fandango character has bothered and irritated me. As I reflect on those words, that tells me that Johnny Curtis is doing his job. Ever since his early vignettes, I have had a dislike for this guy. I thought that the days were gone of having dual profession wrestlers. A ballroom dancer? Really? Who would be pay to see that? Additionally, his absurd pronunciation of his names just added more fuel to the fire of my dislike. That being said, Fandango is an old school, flamboyant heel. I believe people may end up paying money to see this guy get beat up. For example, I think a Fandango-Miz feud could work money for Miz to become a better babyface. .
All that to be said, as has been a theme of many matches for this year’s card, the objective is make future stars and get younger talent over. Chris Jericho has that attitude. Unfortunately many of his fans don’t want to see him lose, especially to an unproven talent. As has been said by many, Jericho will help lead Fandango to a quality match and get him over as a heel. The fact that the unproven, flamboyant, obnoxious, ballroom dancing, cocky Fandango will end up beating a former champion and ring veteran will garner him more heat. The hope is that Fandango can maintain that momentum moving forward when he takes on new “dancing partners”



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