Wrestlemania Prediction: Ryback vs Mark Henry


This is a very old-school style booked match-up. This bout reminds me of Hercules versus both Billy Jack Haynes and the Ultimate as well as the British Bulldog versus the Warlord, just muscle and power clashing for bragging rights. This is  going to be a fight.with a lot of powerslams and clotheslines. Mark Henry is a dominant heel very intimidating and is legit a tough guy. Ryback may be one of the top babyfaces in the company and is a potential future star. In order to solidify Ryback as a top guy, I think Ryback needs to defeat Mark Henry and defeat him convincingly. Ryback is reportedly to be booked in a position to have a Wrestlemania moment, which will most likely be Ryback lifting Henry over his shoulders and Shell-shocking Henry (hopefully the ring doesn’t collapse!) Therefore I believe Ryback will pickup his first Wrestlemania victory, however I wouldn’t mind at all if I was wrong. Not going to be wrestling classic, but I am sure looking forward to this clash!



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