Should John Cena turn heel?

John Cena had hints of a “heelish” delivery during his promo on last Monday’s episode of RAW. John Cena continues to declare “Rock, I have to beat you.” This is eerily similar to what Steve Austin said at Wrestlemania X-Seven and Austin did what he to do which was turn heel, albeit unsuccessfully. Also with John Laurinaitis appearing on Smackdown, it does tempt me to believe that a Cena and Laurinaitis partnership is upcoming. Despite all these indicators, I don’t think John Cena should or will turn heel. John Cena is a very strong babyface among young children. Personally, I work with some kids who are wrestling fans and they have such a belief in John Cena that he cannot fail. They look up to John Cena for his positive message and truly believe Cena can overcome all evils. To me this defines the ultimate babyface. Yes, John Cena is a stale and yes it would be interesting to see him as a heel, however, long-term is just doesn’t make sense. For merchandise sales reasons, John Cena as a babyface is simply good business. More important to me, there would be a limited amount of babyface superstars. As I write this, I think Ryback may be that next babyface. His intensity is catchy to young fans and his looks is unique, but obviously Ryback has some work to do before he can draw in the $$$. At the moment the roster is thin as it relates to a Cena substitute, so hopefully the Superstars take note and seeks to be that guy for when John Cena can turn heel in a profitable manner to the business. Image


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