Is The Rock Good for WWE?


The Rock is among the top performers in the history of professional wrestling. He was an integral part of the Attitude Era and led professional wrestling to unprecedented prominence. Granted he was not alone, there were tons of men who ushered in the successful Attitude Era but no one can deny the immense impact the Rock played. The Rock left active wrestling in 2003 and would make occasional appearance sporadically, however it appeared that he was done as the People’s Champ.

The Rock began an acting career, appearing in numerous films. I am not an avid movie-goer and therefore cannot list the ones that were successful from those that weren’t. Nonetheless, the Rock was in several films thus indicating some form of success, including financially.

The Rock would return in 2011 to the WWE to be the host of Wrestlemania XXVII. On the night he returned, he proved to the wrestling-world what has been missing for several years. The Rock would later be challenged by John Cena to a match for Wrestlemania XXVIII. Now as the buildup began for this match, we began to see a different Rock. In my opinion it was the entertainer known as Dwayne Johnson. For those of us who grew up with The Rock, I can say he just wasn’t the same and it was disappointing. Perhaps its the PG rating or perhaps its because Dwayne has become a product of his movie, film, acting environment, whatever the reason, The Rock just wasn’t the Rock…however, in my opinion there is nothing wrong with that.

The Rock did not need to come back to the WWE. The Rock made his money, accomplished his goals in wrestling and left the business with no major injuries or addictions. I am thankful for that and applaud that. He chose to come back because, as I believe, he does have a love for the WWE. So the question to be answered is: Is the Rock good for the WWE now? The Rock is a mainstream star. He appears on talk shows and move premiere holding the WWE Title on his shoulder, that is added exposure and the potential to peak people’s interest. That being said we have had to sacrifice The Rock’s consistent presence on RAW and I can’t deny that has hurt, but damn, how many of us could juggle the schedule the Rock has.

The Rock brings a presence in the locker room that no one else can. The Rock is available for younger talent to approach, should they choose. If a talent, for example, Zack Ryder wants to go up to the Rock and say, “Hey what can I do to make it?” If Rock ignores him, then the Rock shouldn’t be around. If the Rock  does offer some explanation or at least takes time to talk to a Ryder than he has already demonstrated his worth. I can’t see how having The Rock around in your locker room could at all be perceived as a bad thing, unless he is unwilling to be seen with or interact with some of the younger talent.

On a personal note, to demonstrate why the Rock is good for WWE. Every pay-per-view that The Rock has appeared on, I have bought because I wanted to see The Rock compete. The WWE is a business that aims make a profit. If The Rock can bring in financial success to the ‘E’ than once again The Rock shows how he is good. Lastly, Wrestlemania needs to be headlined by a mega star. The Rock’s willingness to go toe-to-toe with John Cena is that mega match. For what my opinion is worth, John Cena now looks like he belongs with The Rock. That is tremendous moving forward. The disappointing part is that not many other superstars have been built to look like they belong, but that isn’t the fault of The Rock, its WWE’s creative team. I think The Rock has taken a bad rap for “taking someone’s spot” If they had a spot worth keeping, they wouldn’t have lost their spot. So all that being said, yes the Rock is good for WWE and after Wrestlemania XXIX, the numbers will prove for themselves just how good the Rock was for the WWE.


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